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30 minutes

The first step to getting started with therapy is to do either a free 30-minute assessment or jump right to a comprehensive exam.
The free 30-minute assessment is meant to answer your questions, allow you to meet me online, and allows us to determine if it makes sense for you to move to the next step, which is a paid comprehensive exam. During the 30 minute assessment we will discuss the oral and facial issues you are experiencing.

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1.5 hours

The comprehensive exam is a mandatory part of the process and is required for anyone wishing to do treatment with me. This evaluation is a collaboration of gathering clinical data, providing patient education and creating a comprehensive treatment plan. The goal of the evaluation is for the patient to gain awareness of their own dysfunctions, understand their symptoms and be presented with options on how to treat the dysfunctions. This time helps me to determine the cost of your recommended therapy. 

Dependent upon findings, once the exam is completed, we will talk about your best options for therapy and a few different treatment plans will be presented. 

Once you select your plan, you will make payment and sign paperwork and then we can get to work the same day. 



Any therapy is best when sessions are consistent.
Dependent upon symptoms I can recommend anywhere from 8 - 16 sessions in a treatment program.

Hands-On Therapy Sessions:

$225 / Session & Typically Run for an hour.

$1800 for an 8 Session Program

Myofunctional Therapy Sessions:

$250 / Session & Typically Run 30 minutes.

$3000 for a 12 Session Program

Combined Treatment Sessions:

$475 / Session for 8 sessions and then $250 / Session & Typically run 75 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Myofunctional & Hands-On Therapy Maintenance Sessions: (for past and established clients only)

$175 / Session for Hands On

$200 / Session for Myofunctional Therapy Refresher.

10% discount for any single program paid in full at the time of the Exam

15% discount for 2 programs paid in full at the time of the Exam

No discount for payment plans, pay-as-you-go, or one-time service

We offer 3, 6, 9, and 12 monthly payment plans with 50% down dependent on length and type of service.