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From Nose to Toes



Why The Combination?

  • Massage Therapy is meant to warm, relax and stretch muscles to get them ready for exercise. This is why Physical Therapists and Chiropractors also have massage therapists on staff. 

  • Orofacial Myology is an exercise-based treatment modality like doing physical therapy, yoga, and reflexology for the face, mouth, and jaws.

  • Buteyko Breathing is an exercise based model that allows optimal oxygen into the muscles for better healing, faster recovery, and helps balance the CO2 / O2 in the body. 

A combined treatment plan can help enable one to enjoy eating, speaking, breathing, and sleeping more soundly. 

The interaction between orofacial structural growth and muscle activity starts early in development and plays an important role in stimulating subsequent growth. These habits we develop in our youth inevitably translate to behaviors later in life.
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) affect the functions and muscles of the mouth and face. OMDs can cause a variety of effects either directly or indirectly. From problems breastfeeding, stunted facial skeletal growth and development, disordered chewing, swallowing, speech impediments, malocclusion, TMJ movement/disorders, poor oral hygiene, the stability of orthodontic treatment, and facial esthetics.

A positive side effect of orofacial myology is facial muscle and toning. 

​Just as physical therapy helps to train our bodies back into optimal shape after an injury, Orofacial Myology helps by training the soft tissues of the face, neck, and mouth to function at the height of their ability.

For Adults:

In many instances, an orofacial myofunctional disorder develops in response to late jaw growth, worsening of a malocclusion over time, or other reasons such as tooth loss. Therapy for adult patients is typically efficient. Adults of all ages are capable of achieving success in treatment.



Whole Health Begins In The Mouth


According to John Hopkins 

"Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up." 

Fascia connects the whole body from the tip of the tongue to the tips of the toes. Having tight dysfunctional fascia at the tongue can cause a domino effect through the rest of the body. 

What else can cause unhealthy fascia?

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Poor posture

  • Dehydration

  • Overusing or injuring your muscles

  • Unhealthy eating habits

  • Poor sleep quality

  • Stress

  • Tongue ties

  • Dysfunctional swallowing patterns

  • Dysfunctional breathing patterns



Therapeutic exercises along with muscular reconditioning and strengthening and breathing retraining will help the strength and range of motion for your jaw, cheeks, lip, and tongue.



Breathing through the nose is the was we are meant to breathe, It filters and warms air, adds moisture and releases nitric oxide into the body.

Girl Relaxing


Orofacial Pain, Scar Tissue From Jaw surgery, and more.....

Total body healing requires a team, and that team has to work closely together in order to solidify any positive outcome.  The good news is that more and more doctors insist that their patients work with massage therapists and orofacial myologists to help guide treatment. 

Working With A Myofunctional Therapist who specializes in 3 combined modalities

If you’re dealing with tongue-ties, TMJ pain, or sleep apnea in your family, you don’t need to work through the entire process on your own. Rebecka will show you the exercises to do before and after any procedure and take you through a comprehensive program to retrain your oral and facial muscles, dysfunctional breathing habits, and poor muscular posture for a lifetime of good health. Most importantly, it will help make the team approach reality in your treatment. Done right, the results of a tongue-tie release procedure, sleep apnea devices, and jaw surgery, to name a few, along with a combined modality can be life-changing.

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