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Our Edema Massage Therapy

Edema can be treated by massage by removing extra fluid from the body. Edema massage therapy uses gentle-pressure strokes that promote lymphatic system activity.

The lymphatic system is guided to remove waste and fluid from the body when stimulated, which lessens the severity of edema.


About Face meticulously performs edema massage therapy to ensure that our patients receive the best care to optimize function. We are patients' top choice for obtaining head and neck edema massage therapy because of our proficiency.


Why Choose About Face’s Therapy for Edema?

About Face conducts your muscle testing and reviews your medical history. We then develop treatment methods and plans that work best for your situation. Our head and neck edema therapy focuses on improving the patient's ability to move. At About Face, it is our responsibility to get our patients out of the uncomfortable and painful medical situations they are going through. Our medical and massage therapy for edema is world-class. About Face has all that it takes to treat your head and neck edema.


Conditions Our Edema Therapists Treat

  • Decreased ability to perform activities of daily living

  • Decreased range of motion

  • Nerve irritation

  • Pain

  • Post-cancer treatment

  • Scar adhesions/soft tissue restrictions in treated areas

  • Trauma

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