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Face Steaming Service

Freshen Your Face with Face Steaming!

What is Face Steaming?

Facial steamers are used for the cleaning and hydrating of the skin. Steaming your face is exactly what it sounds like. It entails exposing your face to the steam produced by heated water. Moreover, it helps in opening the pores.

You're probably familiar with the concept if you've ever taken a long hot shower or used a gym sauna. It's more complex than leaning over a pot of boiling water (please don't do that!

), but it's easier at home. All you need to begin a facial steaming routine is hot water, a towel, and at least 5 minutes.


Benefits of Facial Steamer

  • Purging

  • Acne fighting

  • Hydration

  • Increased Circulation

  • Product absorption


Our Facial Steaming Service

Facial steaming services at About Face are fully customized, and our specialist follows facial steaming methods to elevate your experience. Our expert cleans your face to free your skin from dirt and oils. Once your face is cleaned, we can put a mask on your face while utilizing other massage therapy techniques such as neck and upper back massage. At the end we moisturize your skin to ensure that your skin retains all the benefits of facial steaming

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