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Face yoga is almost the same thing as myofunctional therapy as it's designed to tone, relax and strengthen the muscles. However, Yoga alone only targets the muscles outside (extraoral) of the face and not the ones inside (intraoral), the tongue. 

Focusing on Facial yoga alone has its benefits but without myofunctional therapy, it's only band-aiding a bigger issue. 

Here at About Face, we combine facial yoga into an orofacial myology program along with breath-work and massage to get our clients the best outcomes possible & a more youthful appearance naturally, with longer and more effective results.

Exercises for the face can make a difference to your facial appearance by improving muscle tone. As a myofunctional therapist, it’s important to address that underlying oral myofunctional issues can make face yoga challenging. It is easy it is to exaggerate symptoms by doing exercises that aren’t well suited to a particular patient presentation.

Patients with a tongue-tie will often experience increased pain and tension if they start doing oral myofunctional exercises (or face yoga) without first addressing the tongue-tie.

Patients with jaw pain or TMJ dysfunctions can also aggravate their symptoms.

If you take any of my classes, have not been through a comprehensive myofunctional therapy program, and experience pain, I urge you to seek out an assessment by me or another myofunctional therapist to rule out dysfunctions. 

Believe it or not, as adults, our bodies aren’t fixed. Our bodies constantly remodel. This is why my adult patients see a difference in their appearance, and this often happens quite quickly with the right exercises, applied as part of a structured program.

Unlike most face yoga sessions: we inter-twine myofunctional therapy into our sessions to give you a full comprehensive workout.



The touch of reflexology communicates caring and comfort and is always sensitive to each patient’s medical status and tolerance. Reflexology stimulates the circulation, improving the nerve and blood supply to areas of the body which is congested. Reflexology can do no harm, it only helps bring the body back into a state of balance by giving the body back its resources through improved circulation. This means providing sufficient nutrients to parts of the body. It is just like improving the soil quality with nutrients so that the plant may thrive.

Reflexology can be combined with other therapies and is appropriate for patients at any stage of cancer, including end-stage disease. It is not appropriate for patients who have deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) of the lower and upper extremities, thrombocytopenia (low platelets), or bruising, rashes, severe edema or wounds of the ankles or feet.

Benefits of Reflexology include:

• Neuropathy

• Pains and aches

• Infertility

• Fatigue

• Hair loss

• Nausea/vomiting

• Diarrhea

• Loss of appetite

• Skin reactions

• Sore/dry mouth

• Blood Circulation

• Pain Relief 

• Stress Relief/Relaxation 

• Improves the quality of life & sleep 

• Clears energy pathways 

• Maintains good health & overall wellness

Facial reflexology stimulates the nervous system as well as encourages healthy blood and lymph flow that leads to improvement of health. These treatments give the client a glowing complexion. stimulates collagen and elastin, therefore, helping the skin to rejuvenate and minimize the appearance of aging lines. 

The success and effectiveness of facial reflexology, lie in its ability to identify the root cause of imbalances in health and its ability to stimulate a healing process within the individual.

Here at About Face, we combine Face Yoga, Myofunctional Therapy, Buteyko breathing concepts and Manual Lymphatic Drainage to address the underlying concerns into a program that gets you not only functioning better but looking and feeling better as well with longer more effective results.

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The First & Only of it's Kind

Bodyworkers who have an orofacial myofunctional background are hard to find. As a matter of fact there are only two in the state of Washington, & Rebecka is one of them. 

With our myofunctional therapy maintenance plan we have combined bodywork, breathwork and orofacial myology into a 3 week plan for those who have already been through a myofunctional program and need a refresher course after the program has been completed. We work together to pikc out the exercises that you feel lieke you are struggling with and just focus on those as well as muscular relaxation and breathwork. 

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