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Head And Neck Lymphatic Drainage

Reduce Swelling and Increase Function!

What is a Lymphatic System?

Your immune system must include the lymphatic system. Like blood, lymph is a liquid fluid that travels throughout the body. Lymph is moved throughout the body by a complex network of lymphatic arteries and lymph nodes.

Small, pea-sized glands called "lymph nodes" keep an eye on and purify lymph. In the human body, there are around 600 lymph nodes. The groin, armpits, and neck are places where there are more lymph nodes.

The lymphatic system is intricate and crucial. It facilitates waste removal and transportation from the body, filters pathogens to keep you healthy, and regulates fluid levels in your body.


Signs and Symptoms of Head and Neck Lymphedema

Neck swelling that is doughy and diffuse is a common symptom of Lymphedema. This might be more obvious under the chin or over an incision. Additionally, it can be noticed in the eyelids, cheekbones, and jawline. Early in the morning and after periods of inactivity, this is frequently worse. Being upright and moving about helps. Internally, Lymphedema can affect the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. Though not always, this frequently happens simultaneously as an outward bulge. Internal Lymphedema can alter one's voice, make swallowing difficult, make one feel like something is "stuck" in the back of the throat, and, in more difficult situations, make breathing difficult or even impossible.


Common Concerns People Face in The Head And Neck

Because the head and neck include a significant number of lymph nodes, Lymphedema is frequently experienced after HNC therapies. Lymph fluid accumulates when lymph nodes are removed or obstructed.

Lymphedema in the head and neck has the following primary causes:

  • Purposeful lymph node excision during Surgery.

  • Scar tissue is left over after surgically removing certain head and neck tissues.

  • Lymphatic vessel damage after radiation therapy.

  • More scar tissue exists.

  • Long-term fibrosis causes (stiffening of tissue, lymph vessels, and lymph nodes).


Our Treatments


Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Rebecka performs manual lymph drainage, a skin-stretching massage that helps promote the movement of lymphatic fluid out of the blocked area. She then carries out this treatment to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid and teaches you how to carry out this treatment at home.


Head and Neck Exercises

At about Face, the specialists pull off head and neck exercises to increase mobility and decrease the stiffening of muscles and tissues in the head and neck. These exercises help promote lymph drainage in the head and neck. Our expert will teach you these exercises so you can do them at home.


Good Skin Care and Hygiene

To prevent infection, it is crucial to maintain healthy skin. Skin infections are more common in lymphedema patients. Bacteria can get into the body through skin crevices or dry spots. To avoid this, apply moisturizers and lotions daily to keep your skin clean and hydrated.

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