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Headache Massage Service

Treating your headache is our goal! 

What is a Headache Massage?

One of the most frequent medical problems that national and private healthcare doctors encounter in their line of work is headaches. They have an impact on millions of people, sometimes even daily. Treatment for headaches frequently entails massage therapy, and it is possible to control headaches by altering one's lifestyle.


One of the extremely enjoyable and successful treatments for tension headaches is massage. It eases stress and promotes physical and mental relaxation. Additionally effective as a preventative measure, therapeutic massage can let you go about your daily activities unencumbered.

How We Help People to Recover Through Headache Massage

Regular massages for headaches are also quite useful in preventing migraines and tension headaches. The frequency and intensity of pain can be reduced by maintaining healthy muscles and reducing mental and physical stress, demonstrating that this is an adequate method of headache treatment.

A headache massage offered by About Face will promote proper healing and the breakdown of scar tissue in cases of certain neck or shoulder injuries, such as muscular strains and whiplash, which frequently continue to be a headache cause long after the recovery from injury. Additionally, it will assist in recognizing and correcting any postural issues, such as head forward and rounded shoulders.

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