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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Get through your discomfort with a lymphatic drainage massage!

What is Meant by Lymphatics?

Lymphedema is a disorder that typically results in swelling in the arms or legs. However, it can also affect the chest, belly, or face. When your tissues retain fluid that is left over after your circulatory system has delivered blood to your tissues and organs, Lymphedema occurs. The lymphatic system is disrupted or blocked due to cancer, surgery, radiation, infection, and, in rare cases, heredity.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphatics

If you're at risk of Lymphedema, clients undergo several tests and scans to confirm that they are diagnosed with Lymphedema. Testing may include conducting MRI scans, CT scans, ultrasounds, and Lymphoscintigraphy. These scans help to determine how severe the condition is, and according to the results of these scans, providers come up with treatments that could help you fight Lymphedema.


Various treatments for lymphatics can help patients to recover from this medical condition. Some of the treatments are:


  • Compression Bandages: This complements the exercise by moving fluid out of the affected limb and minimizing further buildup

  • Skin Care: This keeps skin in good condition and reduces the chances of further infection.

  • Exercises: It uses muscles in the affected limb to improve lymph drainage.

  • Specialized Massage Techniques: It is known as lymphatic drainage massage, which stimulates fluid flow in the lymphatic system and reduces swelling.


Our Lymphatics Massage Service

Rebecka is an expert in treating head and neck Lymphedema. Lymphatic therapy at About Face is customized to get you back to optimal function.

Contact our office immediately to make an appointment if you are worried about swelling and looking for safe and efficient lymphatic drainage / lymphedema treatment options.

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