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Lymphedema Therapy Service

Relieve Pain. Regain Your Life!

What is Lymphedema Therapy?

Damage to the lymphatic system results in Lymphedema, a chronic (long-term) disorder in which extra lymph fluid accumulates in tissues and causes swelling. Although both arms or both legs can be affected in some situations, Lymphedema typically only affects one arm or leg. Other body parts, including the abdomen, chest, face, and neck, may enlarge in certain people. Several causes include viral, traumatic, surgical, and hereditary. Most frequently, the removal or harm of your lymph nodes as part of cancer treatment results in Lymphedema.

Lymphedema cannot be cured, but it can be managed.


Our Lymphedema Service

At About Face, we ensure that your needs and goals are accomplished because our treatment is designed to optimize outcomes. Once you obtain our treatment, you will experience reduced swelling and a better quality of life. Rebecka also educates you and your family on how to cope with such conditions by offering you open door contact with her if you experience any symptoms after the treatment.


How We Treat Lymphedema?

Rebecka is a certified lymphedema specialist that offers complete decongestive therapy. She will conduct a full analysis to determine the main cause of this medical condition. Once the causes are identified, she develops the best treatment for you. Treatments include massage therapy for Lymphedema, exercises, and compression devices. These treatments are carried out at to ensure efficient recovery.


If you are struggling with head and neck Lymphedema, you must visit our care center to receive high-quality treatment from our experienced specialist. You will have a life-changing experience here at About Face.

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