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Massage Therapy Services

Relieve your stress and become stress-free!

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy has been practiced for many years all over the world. It is considered one of the most effective therapy treatments for stress, easing muscle tension and pain.

Massage therapy has various types, such as medical massage, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage massage, oncology massage, headache massage, and many more. Massage therapy is the first approach doctors prescribe whenever a person goes through any pain or stress. This is because massage therapy is effective and does not involve any high-end technology.


Benefits of Massage Therapy

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Massage therapy offers a feeling of calm, reducing stress and anxiety. The comfort you get from massage therapy makes you forget your pain, ultimately reducing stress.

Improves Sleep

Massage therapy decreases cortisol ( a stress hormone ) and increases the level of dopamine. The cortisol hormone helps to improve sleep.

Improves Immune System

Massage therapy increases white blood cells. The white blood cells produced play a significant role in improving your immune system.

Lessens pain and muscle tension.

Massage therapy reduces back pain, acute pain, and knee pain. Moreover, massage therapy also helps in reducing the muscle tension in your body.


Relieves constipation.

For people who deal with constipation, massage therapy can help them with it. Massaging the abdomen brings ease and comfort, which helps with finishing constipation.

Our Massage Therapy Services

At About Face, we provide splendid medical massage services to patients struggling with medical conditions. Rebecka skillfully performs medical massage treatments and is proficient at it. 

About Face provides a therapeutic massage that gives you relaxation and gets you through critical conditions. 

About Face offers lymphatic drainage massage where Rebecka provides you with lymphatic massage therapy skillfully. 

If you are looking for an expert in oncology massage, you should not skip About Face.

At About Face, you get the top quality TMJ arthritis massage. Rebecka is proficient at providing TMJ arthritis massage. We ensure that you meet your goals with our TMJ arthritis massage.

Let Rebecka guide you through your headaches and migraines with our headache massage services. With our top-notch care, we provide customized headache massages to people struggling with headaches and migraines.

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