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Medical Lymphatics Massage

Medical lymphatic massage - The first step toward wellness

What is Medical Lymphatic?

A specialized form of medical massage is lymphatic massage, often known as manual lymphatic drainage. It can aid in treating Lymphedema, a condition in which lymphatic fluid builds up in specific body regions because it cannot efficiently drain away.

The goal of lymphatic massage is to increase lymph fluid movement, which should lessen swelling. By massaging a location that is not swollen, you can create space for fluid to move from clogged places to those areas. Lymphatic drainage comes in two types: manual and simple.

While simple lymphatic drainage can be done at home, manual lymphatic drainage is only performed by licensed therapists.

Our Medical Lymphatic Service

At About Face, we will talk about your specific health objectives and concerns, the functions of the lymphatic system, how to dry brush correctly, and easy strategies to incorporate new habits to maintain a healthy lymphatic system. In addition to providing top-notch services, our mission is to teach you efficient, effective self-care procedures to maintain upon the services we provide. Every lymphatic massage is specially created to meet your individual goals.

Lymphatic massage at About Face is a gentle, rhythmic, manual therapy that uses a specific stretch-and-release skin technique. Medical lymphatic massage treatment at About Face gives you a sense of calm and relaxation.

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