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Enhance Your Beauty with Spa Services

Look Younger and Beautiful

What are Spa Services?

The term "spa" refers to a wide range of services and experiences and can refer to anything from a small facial and massage business to expansive pampering destinations. The term spa was first used to describe naturally occurring thermal springs in Ancient Greece and Rome. These bathing and relaxation areas were thought to benefit health and well-being, and little has changed. Spas remain luxurious havens; the only difference today is that they have changed shape and form to fall into various categories.


Our Spa Services


Facial Cupping

About Face offers facial cupping services that aim to make your skin brighter, minimize the visibility of your facial scars, and tone your chin and jaw. Moreover, facial cupping at About Face also helps reduce your fat, which is one of the great benefits of obtaining facial cupping from About Face.



Cryotherapy, commonly referred to as cold or ice therapy, is a procedure that uses cold towels or ice to treat a range of physical issues, including disease symptoms, sports injuries, chronic pain, skin disorders (such as warts or skin tags), weight reduction, and in some circumstances, even cancer cells.


About Face provides cryotherapy services to patients struggling with facial pain at the end of a treatment session. This also helps aid in swelling and facial puffiness that can arise after massage treatment. 


Heat Therapy

About Face provides heat therapy prior to any service to help open and relax the muscles of the face. The service focuses on providing customers with the best facial recovery experience. 


Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that promotes health and well-being using natural plant extracts. It's also known as essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Table Warmer

About Face also has a table warmer that allows clients the benefits of gentle heat on a massage table without the feeling that a massage is a veritable 'heat' treatment. Our table warmer will give you a relaxed and non-stressful feeling which can benefit you.


Face Steaming

It entails exposing your face to the steam produced by heated water. It's more complex than leaning over a pot of boiling water, but it's easier at home. At About Face, we can add on face-steaming along with heat therapy prior to any massage service.


Gua Sha & Rolling

Jade rollers and gua sha tools aid in the release of facial tension, the reduction of eye puffiness, relaxation, and the improvement of lymphatic flow throughout the body. By lymphatic flow, we mean the removal of waste fluids from a tense area through massage and gentle pressure.

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