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Therapeutic Massage Services

Customized massage making you feel better!

What is a Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on achieving structural change in the body. In therapeutic massage therapy, the therapists mobilize your soft tissues to restore normal functional use. Heavier pressure is applied during therapeutic deep tissue massage to release tissue that is more difficult to reach within the body. In those deeper tissues, it will also disintegrate adhesions and scar tissue. It's not necessary for this type of work to be painful, especially when carried out by an experienced therapist. While there may occasionally be some "therapeutic discomfort," most customers tell us that this treatment feels wonderful. It is also incredibly calming and has results that last considerably longer.


Our Therapeutic Massage Service

Rebecka knows the specific techniques and methods required to carry out an effective therapeutic massage therapy session. She first communicates with the patient to understand their medical condition and why they seek therapeutic massage therapy. Rebecka ensures she succeed at what she promises because satisfying our customers is our sole purpose.

What to Expect from Our Therapeutic Massage Visit

Since therapeutic massage involves the manipulation of muscles by kneading, rubbing, pressing, or patting different muscle groups, some of the techniques used by Rebecka is:

  1. EffleurageIn this method, our therapeutic massage therapist uses light or deep strokes, which are intended to help relieve tension and induce relaxation.

  2. PetrissageOur specialist performs this method to relieve muscle tightness or spasms. It involves kneading muscles, and our expert ensures the method is performed accurately.

  3. TapotementOur therapists cup or tape the skin to create a percussion effect. At times, our therapist uses oils and tranquil music to help create a peaceful and deeply relaxing experience.

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