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TMJ Arthritis Massage Therapy

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What is TMJ Arthritis Massage?

The jawbone and the skull are joined by a sliding joint called the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). The TMJ is made up of the muscles and connective tissues that surround and protect the jaw, in addition to the bones that make up the jaw. The TMJ connects the jaw to the skull and controls mouth opening and closing when functioning properly. However, this essential component of the facial structure can occasionally suffer damage and cause excruciating discomfort that most people would prefer not to endure. Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), where the joint slips out of alignment and causes soreness, swelling, and even head and neck pain, can affect individuals due to stress, injury, or even teeth grinding.


Benefits of TMJ Massage

  1. It Helps Ease Headaches and Jaw Pain
    Headaches are one of the most common side effects of TMJ. The Problem can frequently result in jaw clenching that strains the masseter muscles, which eventually sends discomfort up the jaw and may result in a headache. TMJ headaches can be made less common by massaging tense muscles. Jaw pain can lessen as the jaw is rubbed frequently, and alleviation may be experienced.

  2. It Can Help Treat Tinnitus
    Tinnitus, a bothersome ringing or buzzing in the ears, can be brought on by TMJ. Tinnitus is frequently treated with a TMJ massage by manipulating the ligaments that join the jaw and the middle ear's hearing bones. These muscles will be less likely to cause painful ear ringing once they start to relax.

  3. It Can Help Reduce Pain from Sleep Bruxism
    Even while they are asleep, some people clench their jaw muscles. Sleep bruxism, also known as teeth grinding and jaw clenching, is a condition that disturbs sleep patterns, increases pain, and damages teeth. The pain brought on by sleep bruxism might be lessened by relaxing the tight muscles surrounding the jaw. A TMJ massage can help to ease the discomfort caused by sleep bruxism.


Our TMJ Arthritis Massage Therapy Service

About Face has been providing TMJ arthritis massage for years in Seattle. We always look forward to providing our customers with the best TMJ arthritis massage services. We are always open to adapting new methods and techniques of TMJ arthritis massage therapy that are being introduced in the market to offer our customers a life-changing experience in Seattle. Rebecka ensures that her TMJ arthritis massage therapy service is carried out professionally and offers what our customers expect from the service.

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