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Tongue Therapy

Tongue Therapy Helps Balance the Muscles of Your Face!

What is Tongue Thrusting?

Let's understand what tongue thrusting it is actually and how works. Tongue thrusting occurs when a person places their tongue in the wrong position during swallowing. According to research, 5% to 15% of adults have a tongue thrust or reverse swallow pattern.


In tongue thrusting, the teeth and arches become out of alignment due to the tongue's continuous pressure. The tongue presses against the teeth when it is at rest and when it is being forced against them while swallowing. This is an unintentional, ingrained behavior that can be challenging to break.


Causes of Tongue Thrust

  • Sucking of thumb

  • Artificial nipples that are used to feed infants.

  • The tongue may droop very low in the mouth due to mouth breathing. Nasal congestion, allergies, or blockages may exacerbate this.

  • Difficulty swallowing, which may be brought on by tonsils, adenoids, or recurring sore throats.

  • The angle of the jaw or additional inherited traits within a family

  • Anomalies in the muscles, nervous system, or other physiological systems

  • A small lingual frenum is a sign of being "tongue-tied."

Solutions Provided by About Face for Tongue Thrust

If you are struggling with eating due to tongue thrust, About Face is here to offer you the best treatment for tongue thrust. 

Tongue thrust treatment includes correcting tongue posture and improper swallowing habits. These treatment methods are carried out to ensure that you get rid of tongue thrusts as effectively as possible.

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