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Urgent Care - Our First Response to your Facial Pain

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What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care medical conditions are the ones that are not too serious but require treatment in a timely manner. Typically, within 24 hours, or else the condition will worsen. Urgent care medical professionals are there to assist patients with medical conditions that are not life-threatening but also can't wait until the next day. For patients, who do not have access to general care physicians, urgent care centers are set up to help with their concerns.


Medical Conditions That Require Urgent Care at About Face

  • Lock Jaw (Trismus)

  • Unrelenting Headaches

Why Urgent Care is Convenient

People who struggle with minor injuries or illness head to urgent care centers. Urgent care centers are convenient because these clinics are staffed with experienced nurses and practitioners who assist patients proficiently. Moreover, urgent medical care centers are less expensive than emergency rooms and allow walk-ins, meaning patients do not have to make appointments before visiting the urgent care center. The best part of urgent care centers is that they are open 24 hours. It is great for patients as they can visit the urgent care center anytime. In addition, the wait times at urgent care centers are shorter. Urgent care centers also offer virtual visits on demand where the physician evaluates your symptoms on a video chat and prescribes the treatment according to your medical condition.


Our Urgent Care Services

Our service offers online and in-office care services, lockjaw service, and headache service. These services are provided to facilitate patients with the best care services. We at About Face ensure that our specialists deliver your treatment best.


Online and In-Office

At About Face, you can get online and in-office urgent care services. If you are unavailable or can't come to our office, you can book your appointment, and our specialist will consult you virtually.

If you are facing any issues regarding Lockjaw, About Face is the platform where you can get the best treatment for Lockjaw. We provide top-quality lockjaw treatment.

Now you don't need to worry about your headaches. Rebecka is highly qualified and experienced when it comes to treating headaches.

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